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2009-Dec-8 - Chanta tied to a cross and licked to orgasm.

Bondage girls Bdsm drawings

She would wrap her arms around me and say to my father, Mark is ready for a lesson in obedience, please give it to him. He would move around behind and lift the tail of my pajama shirt well up on my back. I would respond that I was ready and the punishment would begin. He was very methodical and would work from my buttocks to the backs of my knees and back again until the necessary strokes had been meted out. ..

Cowgirl is taken out to the countryside for some more outdoors bondage. First she is wrestled and bound to a convenient tree, then she is made to pull me around the garden several times on a cart. She also gets several suspensions.

Bdsm drawings

Shaved, bound, helpless, and horny they beg for more


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2009-Dec-5 - Kelly Wells takes some very hard bondage and foot punishments.

Spanking girls Anime bondage

A piece of cock and ball torture story: No, facing me. She stopped around mid-thigh and I had her continue to her knees as I had other plans after she finished. She squatted over the pot and for a few moments, nothing happened, I am waiting, I said. When she had finished I gave her some paper and had her wipe herself. I got up and went and stood on the other side of my padded horse. There is the matter of your being late that must be dealt with. ..

Are you getting tired of sexy hot new faces at Hogtied yet? I'm not. Smokie Flame is smoken hot. This natural beauty is like the girl next-door, so innocent looking, but so bad. We put Smokie into some great bondage ties; she got off on being helpless, and begged to do it again. She looks so good with a ball gag deep in her mouth! Don't worry this one will be back!

Anime bondage

Sexy slaves/women are bound into submission


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2009-Dec-5 - Dragonlily in metal bondage, gagged, tit clamped and fucked

Endless tickle torture Water bondage

It felt good, but Diane wanted more, she wanted to come. Diane felt Tim press the head of his cock to her asshole. The large head pressed forward, spreading her sphincter. The head slipped past her opening with a quick jerk, and Diane's asshole clamped down on the narrower part of his shaft. Lisa had swirled her tongue around Diane's clit, and she'd almost orgasmed! Diane rocked her hips, trying to get her clit back towards Lisa's tongue. ..

DragonLily says she likes bondage at home, but like so many girls that come through the studio she finds it easier to gain satisfaction at a shoot. She certainly gets what she came for. Her eyes are nervous with anticipation. She waits and waits, helpless and desperate. When he comes back she is so eager to please, and when the time comes she orgasms easily, curling her toes and gasping. Her eyes constantly look around, curious for what will come next. Her breathing is heavy, matching the intensity of her situation. On her knees, her back forced to arch, cyd strategically clamps her nipples and pulls them upwards, exposing the sensitive underside of her breasts. He can strike at them easier with a cane this way. After her breasts are tormented, DragonLily is on all fours, shackled down wrists, ankles, and torso, her head pulled all the way back to an ass hook. Completely immobilized, the intensity of her orgasms overwhelm her, nearly causing her to lose conciousness.

Water bondage

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

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2009-Dec-5 - Darling suffers through some of the most intense bondage

Gay spanking Bondage rape

The air smells of potpourri, mingled with red wine and musk. The image staring back at me from the mirror commands my attention: a exquisite brass four-poster bed, and on it a beautiful woman, naked, her arms stretched tautly over her head, and her legs reaching out toward the posts at the foot of the bed. That's me, chest rising and falling more quickly than usual below tight, shiny skin. That's me. ..

Jackie oozes sex. It radiates off her. She loves giving head, she loves cock, and she loves getting her assed smacked. So what does this update have? Good bondage, nice flogging, great orgasms, a machine that double penetrates her, and we fuck her ass good with 3 different dildos each bigger than the last all while she is helplessly bound.

Bondage rape

Inescapable bondage and forced orgasms


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2009-Dec-2 - First-time model Gen Padova gets trained in basic hardcore BDSM

Free spanking video clips Female nipple torture

A bit of cock and ball torture story: Just give me the damn ticket! she snapped. This is the third one this month. Taking the ticket, Mary pulled out into the traffic and headed for the hospital. Detective Wilson, please. Don't you know that this could cost me my job? he barked back. She paused before replying. My father would kill me if he knew about these speeding tickets! OK, but you better make it worth my while tomorrow night! Jim replied with determination. ..

Welcome a new fresh young face to Hogtied, Amber Rayne. Amber is sexy, beautiful, flexible, and loves being helpless. Tight rope bondage is our specialty and Amber gets the tough stuff. We subject her to punishing elbow bondage, the ass hook tied to a stapado, tight gags. Best of all we force her to cum and cum and cum, even when she tries not to. The ropes make her helpless, the vibrator makes her a slut, and Cyd makes her a willing sexual submissive who will please even if it pains her a bit.

Female nipple torture

Tight, inescapable bondage, (a slave"s dream)

Get inside and enjoy for free!

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2009-Dec-2 - Nina gets some nice ties and some good orgasms.

Tit torture Ball torture

What for? I asked. All right, all right, I said, tie away. `She's been cutting up my tow rope' I thought as she came over and tied my hands and feet firmly. Presently the door opened and she entered wearing only a pair of long leather boots and a studded leather belt round her waist. Like a drink? she said pouring a little into the glass, IT WAS YELLOW!!. Well we'll have to see whether you're a good boy, won't we? she said putting the bottle and glass on the coffee table. ..

Heaven Lee gets taken to a remote beach and tied. She is placed in extreme restraints and left as the sun starts to set.

Ball torture

Writhing in tight bondage – a slave"s dream

Get inside to view real porn frenzied action! Absolutely unmatched videos and images of crystal quality!

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2009-Nov-29 - rape lesbian free porn

Breast bondage Ebony bondage

A bit of cock and ball torture story: I opened my eyes and found her looking at me as I said, No, quickly pulled out of her and stood up, my cock still rigid. Please, she begged, please fuck me again. Your master only fucks good little slave sluts who don't run away. I don't think you deserve my cock. Oh no, please, Master, please, I'll be good, I promise, I'll obey. I pretended to consider for a moment. Linda started to rise, as I shouted, On your knees, bitch, like the slave you are! I'm sorry, Master, she mumbled as she crawled over to me. ..

Heaven Lee gets a severe punishment from Chanta. She is put in different wrestling holds, caned, spanked with a hair brush, fucked with a strapon while being choked and licks pussy for the very first time.

Ebony bondage

Masochistic women/slaves get bound/spanked

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2009-Nov-28 - anal lesbian rape

Leather bondage Bondage anime

Little cock and ball torture story: In order to be taken away from her own constant scrutiny, she must be abused, treated with rough disdain, as though enough humiliation and pain trips a relay that not only allows her to come, but stills the dry, pedantic voices in her head. The strained posture does artistic things to the dynamics of her trim, athletic legs, and the raising and centering of her cuffed arms pushes her small breasts together and out. ..

Rachel Roxxx is smoking hot and a complete virgin to kinky sex. Isis Love gives this new girl good punishment while her sexy body is bound and exposed. Then Rachel gets strapon fucked hard and is forced to lick ass. Some big orgasms mixed in makes Rachel a grateful submissive.

Bondage anime

There are plenty of screaming orgasms from rough strap-on sex! Updates every week with original videos and photos.

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2009-Nov-23 - Sarah Jane Ceylon forced to orgasm trapped in steel bondage

Bondage galleries free Bondage leather

Some of them were completely escape proof, others were merely for show rather than hold. Marcy was worried the he might be angry for looking at the stuff. `Do you like my collection?' he asked. `Good. If you like, you may now speak. ' `Does all this frighten you?' he asked as he looked into the cabinet. I was just admiring it,' she said as she picked up a coil of rope. `Are you asking me because you thing I want you ask, or because you want to know yourself?' She was took back for a moment. ..

Local girl Sara has never modeled before in her 18 year old life. She does, however, love bondage and she plays in her private life. Sara likes marks, like any good bondage slut does, so cyd makes sure to take full advantage of her pale flesh. Her grey-blue eyes dart around, filled with nervous excitement. Her breathing starts to get heavier as cyd rips her clothes off with his knife. Her large breasts are taped off, making them protrude from her body like two large, ripe fruits. They swell, as though just begging to be caned. cyd beats them until they are purple and covered in welts. Sara whimpers quietly. As her nipples are suctioned she lactates a bit. They are so sensitive that cyd simply cannot resist trying all his different clamps out on her tender nipples.

Bondage leather

Metal, leather and wood like you ve never seen before

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2009-Nov-20 - rape lesbian gallery

Extreme bondage Japanese rope bondage

All went well for the first three months of her pregnancy. One day, she felt a pain in her stomach and collapsed. There was no more use for her in Lebensborn and would be moved as soon as possible. A week later, a car pulled up and Janine, escorted by two SS Officers, got in. She knew better than to inquire. She then saw the sign that said: Le Ritz. A half hour later, in walked a motherly woman who explained that she was now in the service of The Fatherland and would have the privilege of `entertaining' high ranking Wehrmacht officers. ..

Cloei is locked in a suspended cage and forced to watch Kym Wilde as she punishes Chanta-Rose.

Japanese rope bondage

Sexy/beautiful women submit

Don t waste time! Get inside!

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2009-Nov-20 - Pinky Lee shows up to Hogtied as an extreme beginner

Bondage pics Tickling feet be torture

When she let the men in (there were two) she couldn't help but notice how they looked at her, scanning her body from head to toe, pausing to stare right into her eyes, then, descending over her body once more. Will you be finished by 1 PM? asked Barbara. Where's the fireplace? Barbara directed them into the den and pointed to the fireplace in the corner of the room. She could hear the workmen in the den. ..

Filmed in HD and presented with the highest quality download of any other BDSM site, Hogtied presents its first movie that will be submitted to AVN for their year-end awards. Four Friends on vacation in Cabo San Lucas during the DA?A­a de los Muertos festiva get drawn into the supernatural world of the dead. During the night the girls dream, and their dreams become a reality--or do they. All four friends are bound for hours as the Dead use them at will. Friends are forced to orally service each other as the Dead control all four girls though out the entire night.

Tickling feet be torture

Sexy slaves/women are bound into submission

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2009-Nov-16 - Deliah Strong and Sarah Faye do g/g hardcore bondage.

Spanking stories Tickling feet be torture

A bit of cock and ball torture story: Suddenly a voice startled me. The voice belonged to a wizened and ancient woman. She looked to be well over 90, but her black eyes burned with a fierce intelligence. uh, was told you could help me. I held out a card my friend had given me. Come with me. She indicated that I should sit. There is a woman. Yes. She sighed. I thought of Sabrina. I'd been lusting after her since she joined my company, but she had quickly let me know I'd never have the slightest chance with her. ..

There are two girls today. The was supposed to be one but a spare was found somewhere so they sent her to me. I've used the first one before but never the second. The second says she does girls and likes bondage. She says she can take it all and I should do it all. I bound them together with chains and leather - tight, so they would sweat on each other. I made the first one eat the second one's asshole. I made the second one face fuck the first one's asshole. The first one surprised me with the sheer ferocity of her ass eating. The second one surprised me because she does what she says and says what she does. They'll both be back.

Tickling feet be torture

Metal, leather and wood like you ve never seen before

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2009-Nov-16 - Isis love, forced to squirt, bound, gagged. Tight crotch ropes.

Bdsm cartoons Lesbian domination

Some cock and ball torture story: I agreed to help her out. At the very least, I get to put the girl of my dreams into bondage, plus help out a fellow bondage lover. At that point, my whole outlook on vans changed. It had all the necessary items to keep a young lady well trussed and totally unseen built right into it. In the center, there was a low bed. But there were short post at each of the corners, with rails running in between them. ..

Amber Rayne is back and the Sgt. does what he does best. He breaks Amber in with a tight crotch rope and then he has his way with our pretty little shaved girl next door. With elbows bound tightly together Amber is forced to suck cock. Not happy with just that the Sgt uses her ass and uses it well. Finally Amber gets tied spread and ass fucked into submission.

Lesbian domination

Helpless, bound slaves brought to intense orgasm

Vulgar, shocking, but mostly hot XXX action!

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2009-Nov-12 - Bondage loving gal twisted into pretzel shapes.

Gay torture Pussy torture

Little cock and ball torture story: On your knees, he said. The giant smiled in approval. The second thing that you must learn is not to speak unless you are spoken to. You must not speak unless spoken to. There are several ways to do this. Take my cock in your right hand and feel it. Suddenly she felt the sting of something on her ass and yelled in pain. She immediately raised her hand and put it on his giant cock. Now slowly start masturbating it, said Abdul. ..

Tying up two girls is never easy. By the time you've finished tying both girls, the first girl you tied is ready to be untied, and you haven't even shot anything yet. So how do you do it? Well it helps to have two girls that love being tied up. Jenni and Jade love bondage, love orgasms and love other hot girls, especially each other. It is also fun when you tie them together so that if one moves the other suffers. Jenni and Jade, it doesn't get much hotter then these two bound and helpless together.

Pussy torture

Beautiful/Sexy/Masochistic women/slaves (are) bound/spanked to please

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2009-Nov-12 - Lolana really likes being helpless and manhandled.

Clit torture Male spanking

Sample of cock and ball torture story: He was attractive, about 40 years old, 6'3 tall, with greying temples and VERY sophisticated. I was immediately interested and turned on. We discussed the sort of things we both liked (keeping our voices down so we wouldn't shock the neighbors) and came to an agreement about the ground rules for our first session, as Richard called it. I was to leave information with someone about where I would be, so that I wouldn't be concerned about my safety. ..

Two girls, twice the trouble, twice the problems. If you do it right however you get twice the orgasms, twice the screams, and twice the fun. Double binds, and girls tied to each other, are the subject for this week's update. New girl Jade Marx is the real deal, and Crystal is sexy and loud as ever! Turn down the speakers and enjoy.

Male spanking

Their helpless bodies are flogged and their shaved pussies fingered

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2009-Nov-12 - Bondage virgin, Sydnee Capri, has little experience. . until now.

Bondage photos Male spanking

A piece of cock and ball torture story: They had driven the thirty miles from the orphanage to their huge house in Mr. When Nicola walked into the house, Mr. Jones told her to follow them into the study. We're sending you to a boarding school in Europe Nicola, said Mrs Jones. No. after all, do you really think we'd spend money on YOU? Both of them laughed, as Nicola looked at them, confused. Now go and stand at the window, Nicola, ordered Mrs. ..

Faith is back, sporting a new look and sexy as ever. As promised we took it up a notch (BAM) on our former bondage virgin. She came into the shoot horny and needing an orgasm. We teased her, caned her, and flogged her. Eventually we did make her cum but she earned it. Faith is the real deal - enjoy!

Male spanking

Bound, gagged and helpless - a slave"s dream


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Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

Bound, shocked and forced to cum

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

Beautiful women are tied up, dominated, and fucked with all kinds of insane electrical toys and insertables.


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